About Us

Hi all!

We are Marvelowls, a brand existing from 2016, and since then we have been working in two directions – issuing wand collections on certain theme or mood and personal orders for those wizards who would like to have something exclusive. 

All our wands are handmade with exquisite attention to quality. We use natural components, such as wood, stone, gems, sometimes crystals and ceramics. Our favorite material is Carpathian beech, but we also have models made of pear wood, oak wood, rosewood, even ebony. 

Also we pay close attention to our packing: each wand comes in a gift box with embossing and various magical staff inside.

Our wands were sold to more than 40 countries, and most probably, to yours too 🙂
We can handle massive orders and corporate orders.

Contact us on any questions you have,
With love 
Marvelowls workshop