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Wand Care


If you want your wand always to look like the first day after the purchase, it is necessary to take care of it properly.

Soft cloth will help you – flannel, felt, plush. Wipes impregnated with special substances also suitable – not only they are cleaning the dust perfectly, but also give the original luster to the surface.

We use water-based paints for a coating. Prolonged contact with the hot water can lead to the dissolution, so after every such contact it is highly recommended to wipe the wand with a dry cloth.caption

Remember, you cannot wipe lacquered wand with a damp cloth. If you wipe them with a wet cloth, the surface is sure to become dark, and the wood can exfoliate –so that appearance will be ruined. In addition, wet processing leaves ugly stains.

Wiping wands with polish, wax, vegetable oil is allowed.

Try also keep the right moisture conditions – Wood does not like high humidity, and excessive dryness.


How to remove stains and scratches from a magic wand?

Candle wax

Frozen drops of wax, that fall from the candles can be removed with a knife heated in boiling water. Traces rinse with warm water and wipe with a cloth soaked with gasoline.


It is possible to remove scratches  from the surface if you rub them with the appropriate shade of shoe polish and then polish with cloth. Scratches left on the walnut or oak stick you can mask with a weak solution of iodine.


Wipe dirty stains with a cloth dampened with a mixture of warm water and ammonia in a ratio of 6: 1. Then wipe with a dry cloth.


While the ink is fresh, blot wand with a dry cloth. Residues are easily removed with the usual stationery eraser.


If the water got on the varnished surface and left the traces, you can remove it by using flour. Sprinkle it in the desired area and rub with the cotton wool soaked with oil. Once dry, buff the surface with a soft woolen cloth.